Youth assistance expands its reach

This really is quite a terrific move: The Westfield Youth Assistance Program has announced that the program is expanding into Noblesville. The newly formed Noblesville Youth Assistance this month is to begin identifying and accepting referred youth. A caseworker will be in Noblesville School’s Administration Office.

The City of Westfield, Westfield Washington Schools and the Hamilton County Probation Division created the Youth Assistance Program. Its goal continues to be the identification of youth in need of assistance before becoming part of the growing juvenile and criminal justice system. The program provides treatment for the family, ultimately ensuring that the child begins heading down the right path. Although the youth are evaluated and treated based on specific needs, the treatment consists of, but is not limited to, a mentoring program, community volunteering involvement, family education, skill-building tutoring programs and scholarship camps. We’ve seen the difference it has made in Westfield and we’re big supporters of the effort. In Noblesville, the program is a partnership of the City of Noblesville, the Hamilton County Juvenile Court Judges and Noblesville Schools. The entry into Noblesville gives those who are able marvelous opportunities to become mentors and tutors for the children that are referred into the program. If this interests you, please register at or call 804-3191.

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