Truth from government

It is our position the bedrock of democracy – trust in government – cannot be permitted to erode through inattentiveness or obfuscation by our elected officials.

A recent Current article pointed out Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard twice circulated inaccurate information regarding the existence and content of an environmental study involving the old grain elevator along the Monon Trail. Afterward, his explanation was he simply passed along the facts he was provided by his staff. We don’t doubt his account, but we question whether he would have dug deeper into the facts had the study’s purported conclusions not supported his position.

This example is trivial when compared to the omissions, half-truths and outright deceptions regularly disseminated by politicians of all persuasion and position. Unfortunately, we as citizens of a representative democracy have come to assume our government is less than truthful, and the news outlets further spin the story to suit a particular position.

Again, not to pick on Brainard for his error, but the situation highlights the need for a vigilant press corps who will not accept all statements without investigation and a citizenry that holds its elected officials accountable for the information they disseminate.

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