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Design trends are increasingly leaning toward “thinking big.” From overstuffed furnishings, to wide floorings and expansive wall art, oversized pieces have experienced a boom in popularity. So what’s the secret behind this craze? To put it simply, large pieces create an immediate impact in a room. They instantly draw attention and create a focal point.

Contrary to what you might think, large-scale pieces give the illusion of spaciousness and increased size. It’s true; large pieces can make rooms look bigger. Best of all, this design strategy can work in any type of space. Here are a few suggestions for items that can be supersized for maximum design impact.

First, consider buying a piece of oversized furniture. A large ottoman or chair can create intimacy in a large room that has high ceilings or windows. These pieces can also look great in a room with limited space. Instead of buying multiple pieces of small furniture, consider arranging the room around one or two large pieces. It will make the limited space look more open and less cluttered.

One large lighting fixture can light up an entire room and make an exciting design statement. Instead of small pendant lights, place an oversized chandelier in the dining area or the kitchen to create a sophisticated, yet contemporary look.

In the past, most wallpaper was created with small, intricate prints. But today, large-print wallpaper is an excellent, new alternative. Designers have created wallpapers that feature oversized art or photography. You could also choose to decorate the walls using oversized hanging art or mirrors. Large mirrors are very popular because they can reflect the light in the room, making it look larger and brighter.

In terms of flooring, many homeowners are choosing hardwood flooring and tile designed with wider or larger pieces. Larger flooring pieces look more modern and sleek, while giving the illusion that the room is bigger. You could also choose an oversized area rug. If your style tastes change, simply swapping out a rug can change the entire look of a room.

Oversized pieces will create a dramatic and spacious look. Be pragmatic and install only a limited number of pieces for maximum impact. Otherwise, it might look like your home belongs on the set of Alice in Wonderland!

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