The Sacred Book

Robert Herrington

Robert Herrington

Managing editor of Current in Noblesville. A 1999 graduate of Noblesville High School, Herrington has been covering Noblesville and Hamilton County as a journalist since 2004. The military brat lived all over the east coast before calling Noblesville home since 1994. He and his wife, Maggie, live in the community with their baby daughter (and youngest Boston Red Sox fan), Caroline. From school board to common council meetings, First Friday events and summer concerts in the city parks, Herrington loves to attend and cover all that Noblesville has to offer.

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  • Harold Stewart

    This an amazing story about how God works for the good of His people . Their wholehearted Love for God and faith in His promise, they were willing to lay their lives on the cross for His Glory. They worked to help these natives and showed them the Love of Jesus and fruits of their ministry have been multiplied at least tenfold. Americans have forgotten the sacrifice of our ancestors. We live for our personal desires and comfort. I have been praying lately,God make me UN-comfortable so I will do Your Will, not mine . Thank you so much, Harold Stewart