Sheriff warns people to beware of rental scam

A rental scam utilizing Craigslist has reared its ugly head once again in central Indiana.

On Feb. 21, a Plainfield woman answered a Craigslist posting for a rental home in Noblesville.

The woman asked if the home was still available, and she received an email from Irene Parrish saying that it was. And Parrish asked the woman to fill out an application form.

The woman completed the application and received an email from Parrish that she was now residing in Inglewood, Calif. and needed the victim to wire $1,900 to her via Moneygram.

The $1,900 was to cover the $950 rent for the house and a $950 refundable deposit.

The victim wired the money from a CVS pharmacy in Noblesville.

On Feb. 22, the victim received another email from Parrish telling her that she needed another $950 for an extra month’s rent. The victim refused Parrish’s request informing her that she had already sent $1,900 and had not received the keys to the house.

And the victim never would.

She found out later that the house was actually sold by a Reality Company that had their sign in the yard one week prior to the Craigslist posting.

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  1. Lesley Smith says:

    I filled out an application to rent out a 2 bedroom on 96th street I think it was. It was a house posted as for rent on TRULIA. The person said that they were on a missions trip, and would be gone for so many years. Anyway, I sent them my info but then when they were requesting money from me and said they would give me the keys afterwards, I contacted Trulia and the lady said it was not for rent, but for sale. So, the people got my information, but they didn’t get my money. 🙁 I really feel sorry for people that fall for these viscous ways of thievery.

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