Serving up pizza, Cook’s Style

From left, Chris Gordon, Scott Cook and Maddy Rodabaugh inside the Cook’s Pizza kitchen. (Photo by Mark Johnson)

Scott Cook knows pizza. After all, the new pizzeria at 14300 Mundy Dr., Noblesville proudly bears his family’s name. That pride is evident in the commitment to community, the commitment to quality, and above all, commitment to each customer.

“I’ve always dreamed of owning my own business,” Cook said with an enthusiastic smile, “and that is the most rewarding part of it. Food is important. I like being able to provide good quality for a good price, and at the same time, help the community.”

Cook’s Pizza has deep roots in the Noblesvillle community. Founded in 1971, Cook’s motto has remained consistent: “Hometown and Homemade.” With those words, a 40-year bond between the community and Cook’s Pizza was forged. Indeed, for Scott Cook, that bond continues its lasting impact. When asked why he chose Noblesville, Cook’s enthusiasm was again evident.

“After college, I chose Noblesville because I like the small town feel. This is a perfect place for me and my family, and the perfect place to start my career. I love this area,” he said.

Cook also knew exactly what he was looking for to begin his new career.

“This is a great community, with a great school system and quite a few franchise pizza restaurants. A great place to start a business,” he said.

In Cook’s view, however, that business must also help to serve the community. Through that commitment to community service ideals, Cook’s Pizza partnered with the Fisher’s High School athletic department. Fifteen cents for every medium pizza sold and 25 cents for every large pizza sold goes to the athletic department.

“I chose athletics because I love sports,” Cook jokingly confessed. “But sports is good for the kids because it keeps them busy and gives them something to do, but it also teaches them responsibility.”

Cook also utilizes the business to assist the community in another way: the hiring of local high school students.

“It’s awesome to be able to help the students with their first job, to teach them different skills such as multi-tasking,” he said. “I try to remember all those things that I learned in high school and on my first job so that I can help the students the same way my boss, my teachers, my coaches helped me. Teachers are a tremendous influence on young people.”

While Cook’s dedication to the community has made him the hero of many, perhaps his biggest contribution is still relatively unknown: pet treats.

“We have free treats for pets,” Cook laughed. “Yes, I love dogs!”

For more information on Cook’s Pizza, visit them at or call 776-9922.

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