Retro Hoosier Hysteria

It is our position that the Hoosier state is experiencing a phenomenal year in the world of sports. Visionaries who positioned “Naptown” as the amateur sports capital of the world should have their crystal balls enshrined. The year started out with the area hosting the Super Bowl – one of the largest sporting events in the country, to holding world-class auto-racing events, a major PGA tour playoff match and is ending with a BCS championship game bid for the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame and a number one ranking for the Indiana University Hoosiers basketball team.

Who couldn’t use a little luck of the Irish with threats of fiscal cliffs looming? We may have lost the delicious chocolate icing off of the top of the now defunct Hostess cupcakes; however, we’re having our cake and eating it too with such a delicious year in Indiana sports. It feels like the glory years again. And to add to the 1970’s nostalgia, “Martha the Mop Lady” is once again whistling the IU fight song before basketball games. Could red plaid jackets be next on the comeback trail? For local sports fans, it’s a great time to be enveloped in Hoosier Hysteria.


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