Opinion: What’s in a name?

The City of Noblesville is looking to build two important parks – one directly west of White River, which will expand downtown and the other on the far east side of the city, that will be almost as large as Forest Hill and Dr. James A. Dillon parks combined.

I’ve heard from a few readers about West Gateway Park and how they aren’t keen on the name. To be fair, officials aren’t in love with either name but that is what the project is being called right now. I was told this was a working title and it makes more sense than park project 1 and 2.

No matter what the name is, both projects will be great amenities to the city and deserve a title worthy of that. Thankfully, Noblesville isn’t accustomed to using streets as their park naming tools – Forest Park, Seminary Park, Dillon Park, Southside Park etc.

As we get farther along in the process, one potential name I’d like to suggest is Deer Creek Park for the behemoth area near Klipsch Music Center. It’s a throwback for those of us who have fond memories of the music venue before naming rights became what they are today. Plus, Deer Creek Bike path runs through the park – perfect right?

Unfortunately, I used all my cleverness for naming Eastside Park. In place of West Gateway Park, I’ve heard Old Mill Park, which I like, and a few others using gateway or White River. My best thought was naming it after recently retired parks director Don Seal because of his work and guidance of expansion of the parks system.


The March 18 meeting was a bittersweet one for school board members as they accepted the retirement notice of Superintendent Dr. Libbie Conner. Conner has led Noblesville through a period of growth and change and had to deal with budget cuts and curriculum modification and the ups-and-downs of multiple referendums. It may only be fitting that her closing act before leaving on Sept. 1 will be the completion and opening of the remodeled high school buildings.

Robert Herrington

Managing editor of Current in Noblesville. A 1999 graduate of Noblesville High School, Herrington has been covering Noblesville and Hamilton County as a journalist since 2004. The military brat lived all over the east coast before calling Noblesville home since 1994. He and his wife, Maggie, live in the community with their baby daughter (and youngest Boston Red Sox fan), Caroline. From school board to common council meetings, First Friday events and summer concerts in the city parks, Herrington loves to attend and cover all that Noblesville has to offer.

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