Ind. 32/38 roundabout, Presley Drive extension to open today

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The Ind. 32/38 roundabout and Presley Drive extension will fully open after striping finishes later today.

“I want to thank INDOT and its staff for a joint effort to fund and construct the project,” Noblesville Engineer John Beery stated at a Sept. 29 ribbon cutting with INDOT and contractors E&B Paving. “This road project provides motorists with easier access and better mobility to the commercial land and businesses in the area.”

The 32/38 roundabout will connect to the City of Noblesville’s Presley Drive extension, which spans south to Pleasant Street. Presley Drive will provide a north/south corridor adjacent to Ind. 37 and complete a section of the City of Noblesville’s master thoroughfare plan that’s been on the books for more than a decade.

“The opening of Presley Drive’s extension provides economic development opportunities within Terry Lee Crossing and along the road,” Noblesville Mayor John Ditslear stated in a press release. “Just as we will see cars using this street immediately, we should see development occurring in the near future. This project does more than improving access, public safety and development opportunities though. It also allowed the city to reroute its master plan sanitary sewer line, which is more efficient and will have less maintenance – saving the city time and money.”

Construction on the joint project between INDOT and the City of Noblesville to create a roundabout at Ind. 32/38 and Presley Drive began last year. Noblesville constructed a roundabout at Pleasant Street and started the extension of Presley Drive north from that intersection. Construction began on the roundabout in May. The $1.6 million project included installing a new, precast concrete box culvert to channel a tributary of Stony Creek under the highway.

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