Fitting the pieces

Robert Herrington

Managing editor of Current in Noblesville. A 1999 graduate of Noblesville High School, Herrington has been covering Noblesville and Hamilton County as a journalist since 2004. The military brat lived all over the east coast before calling Noblesville home since 1994. He and his wife, Maggie, live in the community with their baby daughter (and youngest Boston Red Sox fan), Caroline. From school board to common council meetings, First Friday events and summer concerts in the city parks, Herrington loves to attend and cover all that Noblesville has to offer.

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  • ATurner

    Has anyone considered the traffic and parking that 5,000 to 10,000 students will bring to this area of town? This area already has tight streets. The existing parking lot cannot accommodate the parking needed for basketball tournaments at the boys and girls club. The access is limited to 3 streets with inadequate parking. Has the city counsel considered this? If this all passes, let’s fast forward three years to this being an active campus, what happens to property values of the homes in the area?

    I’m not against the idea. I think there are better options. What about leasing the land for $1 and pitching in the $5M for Ivy Tech to build a new building in developed but unused areas like Corporate Campus at I69 and 146th. Another option might be (albeit small) 146th and Hazel Dell. Both of these areas have infrastructure, roads large enough to handle the traffic and better in/out access.

    • duh

      Parking? Did you read about moving the baseball diamond next to the school? That will be a lot of the parking. I’m sure the roads around there will be upgraded as well. If you don’t know this is where Noblesville wants people to be going, Old Noblesville. Perferably downtown, but I’m sure this will do. They have invested a lot of money downtown lately.

      • Frustrated at duh

        Paving over the baseball diamond will not add enough additional parking. Have you been to the High School with it’s large parking lots during Commencement when there are approximately 4500 people there? The parking lots during Commencement are overflowing. The current parking lot at the Middle School, plus the paved over baseball diamond, plus the back parking lot next to the football field will not accommodate 5000-10000 students and staff. Have you been to a football game when someone like Carmel is playing Noblesville? Have you seen the streets and parking lots filled to capacity including the Methodist Church adjacent to the football field? You can not drive down streets like James, and 17th. That will become a daily occurrence in our neighborhoods with the Ivy Tech campus. Have you been to the area around the baseball field for a parade? There’s less than 5000 people in the streets directly around the Middle School area, and it takes 20 minutes to move the traffic out of the area following the parade. Beyond the parking and traffic egress issues, there’s no room for upgrading or widening 16th Street, 17th Street, Monument or Conner to handle the volume of traffic this will bring. We have lived three houses away from the baseball field for 18 years. We have experienced what a large volume of traffic does to the roads here. Is your home so close? Even beyond all of that, what will bringing the Ivy Tech campus to the Middle School do to the property values of the homes to the south, north, and west of the baseball diamond? In all likelihood, it’s going to devalue my home. So, the equity I have in my home, that we have worked so hard for the last 18 years to obtain, will disappear. I am a fifth generation resident of Noblesville. I am well aware of how much the city has invested in the downtown area. I have supported what the city has done to improve the downtown and other areas. I support bringing Ivy Tech to the Noblesville area. What I don’t approve and support is losing the equity in my home.

        • duh

          4500 won’t be there at one time. Classes are 6 days a week and 8 am to 10 or 11 pm. Most will go to class 2 or 3 days a week. So only a few hundred will be there at one time.

        • hahaha

          No room for upgrading streets are you crazy look at 31 something can always be removed 🙂