Column: A lot of TLC for guest bathrooms

Essentials like lighting, faucets and more can often be upgraded in guest bathrooms. (Submitted photo)

Commentary by Randy Sorrell

Guest bathrooms deserve as much, if not more, design attention as well-planned luxury master bathrooms command.  Consider that we hope to treat our guests as family members and want them to feel embraced when they visit — at least for the first few days.

Luxe master bathrooms, where we both launch and conclude the activities of our day, essentially have the same components as the guest bath. Certainly, not all guest bathrooms have full bathtub/shower accommodations, but the essentials (vanity, toilet, flooring, lighting, faucet) are similar. Lets think small space/big design as my favorite magazine, “dwell,” highlighted!


Likely, your guest bathroom footprint is smaller, which affords the opportunity to splurge a little. The average guest bathroom is approximately 70 square feet, according to the RSE Index, or the Randy Sorrell Experience Index.

Consequently, the cost difference for ordinary big box floor tile selections may be $450 versus an elegant natural stone tile from Santarossa in the Indiana Design Center for an additional Benjamin. Those additional few bucks will fuel a huge ROI and set the stage for the entire space. Similarly, a high-quality vanity with a granite counter, lighting, etc., can be elegantly detailed for well-spent upgrades.

Discreet and well-curated contents will be appreciated and serve to make a welcome statement to curious visitors. Think lush hand towels, tasteful waste container, spa-like soap dispenser and coordinating lotion. A small painting from a local artist sets immediate mood. Know that we partner with savvy decorators to detail our remodeled spaces. Partnered with an inspiring paint palette, an elegant story unfolds.

Create an amazing guest bathroom and, “Treat your guests like family.  nd your family, like guests.”

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