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Sleek drapes fastened to corner posts offer privacy and
protection from the sun. (Submitted photo)

Column: Pergolas: The preferred aesthetic

Commentary by Randy Sorrell Think this homeowner isn’t serious about generating shade and privacy? Look closely and discover stylish solutions for each. A few are traditional tools we’ve employed for decades … leafy shade...

Enjoy a break from technology and design a space to live outside. (Submitted photo)

Column: Live life outdoors with spaces that impact

Commentary by Randy Sorrell Finally, the technology-induced drought for outdoor living has been reversed! Our children initiated this fun-sucking drought fueled by all things FANG (Facebook/Amazon/Netflix/Google). They preferred to be nailed in front of...

Sorrell will discuss designs such as this in his IDC workshop titled “Inspired Exteriors: Trends in Outdoor Living & Space Design.” The workshop will be at 6 p.m. June 9. (Submitted photos)

Column: Enjoy the IDC experience

Commentary by Randy Sorrell First timers are a little shocked, uncertain of what to expect and a bit overwhelmed. Delightfully so! The products are fresh. The finishes are smooth. And the building is a...

Appreciate your privacy with unique design. (Submitted image)

Column: Create amazing privacy

Commentary by Randy Sorrell Amazing is not the usual commentary when completing a project designed entirely for privacy. But it can be with a little creativity and freedom. Imagine a solid row of boring...

There are plenty of less-traditional options that will look great in your kitchen and will stand up to daily use. (Submitted photo)

Column: Think about your counters

Commentary by David Decker When it comes to countertops, everyone knows about the big three: granite, quartz and marble. These materials are durable and beautiful, so it’s easy to see why they are used...