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Column: A gathering place

Commentary by Randy Sorrell This micro view of a master project consumed four months of installation and resulted in an incredible backyard living space with all the amenities. It now serves as the families’...

Part of the finished product. (Submitted photo)

Column: Design and materials matter

Commentary by Randy Sorrell “Help” the amused client managed when we first spoke about her vision for a back yard living space. Laughing (it’s contagious, you know), I wondered what prompted her plea. She...

Finding shade was imperative and the overhead pergola offers just enough respite to invite guests outside. (Submitted photo)

Column: How to fix under sized and under used

Commentary by Randy Sorrell The original deck from the custom home build was undersized.  And, consequently,  under used. Western exposure evening sun blasted the small living space, further distracting from the hoped for fun...

The predominantly year-round space allows for comfortable summer outdoor entertaining in the respites of shade where cool breezes meander through. (Submitted photo)

Column: Create a summer, winter escape

Commentary by Randy Sorrell The leafy magnolia gracefully weaves its way through the overhead pergola structure adding a sense of historical relevance to this industrial modern-outdoor living space. The contrast is especially striking as...

Sleek drapes fastened to corner posts offer privacy and
protection from the sun. (Submitted photo)

Column: Pergolas: The preferred aesthetic

Commentary by Randy Sorrell Think this homeowner isn’t serious about generating shade and privacy? Look closely and discover stylish solutions for each. A few are traditional tools we’ve employed for decades … leafy shade...

Enjoy a break from technology and design a space to live outside. (Submitted photo)

Column: Live life outdoors with spaces that impact

Commentary by Randy Sorrell Finally, the technology-induced drought for outdoor living has been reversed! Our children initiated this fun-sucking drought fueled by all things FANG (Facebook/Amazon/Netflix/Google). They preferred to be nailed in front of...