Building Art: Local artist Rick Heflin creates the centerpiece for the city’s first pocket park

  • CIN-COVER-1020-Rick Heflin02
    Heflin’s art doubles in the pocket park as a bike rack on both the front and back of the piece. Approximately 90 percent of the metal used to create the locomotive is recycled from Indiana. (Photo by Sadie Hunter)
  • CIN-COVER-1020-Rick Heflin06
    For more than 40 years, Rick Heflin has been a metalworker in Noblesville and is now the artist of the centerpiece of Riverwalk Depot, the city’s first pocket park. (Photo by Sadie Hunter)
  • Layout1
    This map shows the layout of the park, including Heflin’s train, benches and other features. (Source: City of Noblesville)

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