America the Beautiful

  • CIN-COVER-0630-4thofJuly-ParadeRoute
    The parade will begin at the corner of 16th and Harrison Streets and will travel south on 16th Street to Logan Street; west on Logan to 9th Street; north on 9th to Monument Street; and east on Monument to 16th Street, where it will end.
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    During the 2014 parade, girls from The Pink Slipper Dance Studio clap to music playing from the float. (File photos)
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    Valerie and Cody Wilson enjoy a cool slushy and a break from 2014’s activities.
  • CIN-COVER-0630-photo3
    Hamilton County Commissioner Mark Heirbrandt hands out miniature American flags along the route during 2014’s parade.
  • CIN-COVER-0630-potentialcover1
    Buddy Whitacre waves to the crowd during the 2014 parade. (File photo)

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