A quiet moment

My husband, Doo, had surgery last week, and though it was a minor outpatient procedure, sitting in the waiting room gave me precious time to reflect over the past year.

Not a ton of time, mind you, as I needed to catch up on the celebrity scene (the Royals, the Cruises, the Honey-Boo-Boos), the latest fashion trends (I can rock a Russian-inspired hat) and work stuff (a teacher’s day is never done!) Through my extraordinary people-whispering skills, I discovered the receptionist’s son was in the same math class as my daughter and so wasted a good half hour discussing the pros and cons of middle school.

But, after I’d settled in, popped a Diet Coke and had nothing more to do than watch the clock, the fact that Doo was under the knife rattled me a bit. What if something went wrong? People die on the operating table all the time; not generally forty-year old men in for what’s typically a pediatric procedure (ear drum repair and tubes for good measure.) But still, I don’t want to be a single parent! And how do parents of sick children handle this kind of stress day in and day out?  I could live without Doo, but I don’t think I’d make it if something happened to one of my kids.

So I guess the point of this article is to encourage you to take a moment during this busy holiday season and focus on what’s important in life. Family, good health and employment. I’d have rather not spent my Friday in a generic lobby area drinking stale coffee with powdered creamer, but the opportunity to just stop, to step away from the demands of work, motherhood and marriage (and particularly from puppy ownership) and reflect on what’s good in my life was truly a gift. Doo and the kids are healthy, I have a job that I love, and I am surrounded by friends and family who, for the most part, tolerate me. All in all, 2012 was a very good year for the Wilsons.

Did I pay for those few precious hours? Of course! A weekend spent nursing a hopped-up spouse who can’t hear anything while trying to shuttle kids to theater rehearsals, swim meets and soccer games made me not only bitter and jealous (at least Doo had Vicodin!) but physically and emotionally exhausted. I was also totally unprepared for my classes come Monday morning. But, having the time to appreciate all that is good in my life was the perfect way to end the year. So, here’s wishing you a quiet moment over the next few weeks, and many more in 2013. Peace out.

Danielle Wilson

I was born in Louisville, Kentucky, the same year Dick Nixon was elected. Along with my twin sister and three younger sisters, I attended Catholic schools for thirteen years. (Holy Mother, pray for me.) I spent two years as a cadet at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado until I wised up and transferred to a more normal school, Indiana University, where I received a B.A. in history and a teaching license just for funsies. In 2001, I officially entered the ranks of stay-at-home moms to care for my two-year old son and newborn twins. I have mentally blocked all of 2002 and most of 2003. In 2004, I received a Master’s degree in U.S. History from I.U.P.U.I. and a fourth child from my should-have-had-that-vasectomy-sooner husband. From 2005 until mid-2010, I played Super Mom in the yet-to-be released indie film "Provide Daycare for Your Sister-in-Law's Children Because You Don't Have Enough to Do Already." I returned to teaching this fall at an undisclosed Indianapolis school where thankfully very few parents know who I am. I am considering developing a bad habit.

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