City roundup: information technology


The City of Noblesville recently released its year-end annual report. The report details major accomplishments from every city department and within the community during 2016, and each week, Current in Noblesville will be highlighting a portion of the report. This week, it’s information technology. To see the full report, visit


Although most of the work is rarely seen by the public, one of the city’s information technology department’s major roles is maintaining and updating the city’s website. The department is made up of six employees, including two geographic information system employees. IT maintains all of the city’s networks, computers, servers, cameras, printers and phones. The department also assists Noblesville’s police and fire staffs with laptops, dispatch software and equipment upgrades. Like public safety, IT is on call at all times of the day to assist those who work non-traditional shifts. In 2016, the city purchased 75 new ruggedized laptops to replace older models in patrol vehicles.


The city’s new website was launched in May 2016, designed to have a fresh look and be more user-friendly. The city said the site has been modernized with a responsive design, which allows use on a computer, tablet or phone. This was the first major website overhaul since 2004. In 2015, the website saw 147,529 unique website visits, and in 2016, the site saw 157,526 unique visits. The heaviest website day for the past three years has been Oct. 31.


Cityworks is a GIS-based asset management system that most city departments use. It is used to track service requests within the city, keep up on inventory maintenance, track materials used and record all city assets. In 2016, there were 9,644 work orders, 787 service requests and 2,511 inspections. Some of the city assets that are GPS located include 19,736 street trees, 6,297 posts, 7,708 street signs and 870 city-owned street lights.


Activity                                                     2015                2016

Facebook new likes                                 1,068               2,442

Facebook average reach                         1,652               4,214

Tweet impressions                                   539,082           903,800

Twitter followers                                       5,931               7,299

Instagram posts                                       76                    139


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