Pharmakon officially fully in Noblesville


By Sadie Hunter

Pharmakon, a company that provides pharmacy services to extended care facilities, announced Jan. 25 the completion of its relocation from Carmel to Noblesville within the Saxony Corporate Campus.



In a plan that kicked off in September 2013 – when the relocation was passed by the Noblesville Common Council – CEO and Owner Paul Elmer said he had plans to expand by nearly 50,000 square feet to accommodate another firm, Pharmakon Pharmeceuticals, in addition to the original Long Term Care Pharmacy.

“Pharmakon Long Term Care is excited about our move to Noblesville,” Pharmakon Owner and CEO Paul Elmer stated in a press release. “This facility will be customized and dedicated to provide pharmacy services for the long-term care population in Indiana and the surrounding states.”

New building construction began in February 2015 and is now fully operational. At 52,000 square feet, the company says the new building will provide the space needed to bring on additional customers, employees and advanced technology.



Plans to hire approximately 150 additional employees by the end of 2017 have been in the works for awhile, with an anticipated annual payroll of $5 million plus benefits.

The building will also provide employees additional lounge spaces, a training center and additional conference rooms for a better working environment.

“Having the Pharmakon Family of Companies on one campus allows for many improved efficiencies. Pharmakon will be more streamlined in hiring, training, professional development, and employee growth,” said Kathryn Martinie, director of Human Resources, in a press release.

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