Watercolor classes taught throughout May

Landscape painting by Rodney Reveal.

Landscape painting by Rodney Reveal.

By Anna Skinner

Whether you are artistically talented or not, Noblesville painter Rodney Reveal is offering four watercolor classes starting May 7.

The classes are May 7, 14, 21 and 28 and will last from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Hamilton County Artists’ Association’s Birdie Gallery, 195 S. 5th St., Noblesville.

The classes cost $35 dollars each, or $125 for all four.

All people are welcome, although Reveal said he only wants to take around 12 per class. There will be a new painting each week, mostly landscapes. At the end of the first class, Reveal said he will ask participants what they want to paint and will incorporate some of those ideas into his classes.

“There is a new painting every week, I do a step-by-step demo process so beginners or people without experience can do the class,” Reveal said.

He also offers some supplies, although if more advanced painters have their own they should bring them to the class. He said most beginners can buy the wrong items, and he wants to prevent that by providing his own supplies to less-experienced painters.

Some students that attend the class have done classes with Reveal for years.

“I’ve been doing watercolor for a long time, so I’m very comfortable with that. A lot of people like to start out with watercolor,” Reveal said. “It’s not quite as messy. Watercolor has a lot more technique compared to other mediums, and more of a thought process. Once people get watercolor accomplished, they can do any kind of medium.”

If interested in attending any of the classes offered by Reveal, he is available at 432-3648 or rareveal@gmail.com. To reserve your art space for any of the days, send the check to Rodney Reveal at 7002 E. 266th St. Arcadia, IN, 46030.


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