156th Street closed as crews repair road damage from water

According a press release from the City of Noblesville, there is a temporary road closure of 156th Street between Follow Drive and Runaway Lane due to damage from excessive water seeping into the road.

The Noblesville Street Dept. is in the process of repairing the issue and anticipates its reopening by 5 p.m. Tuesday, July 18.

“The issue was discovered by a Noblesville police officer as a small hole in the road. Upon further inspection, the Noblesville Street Dept. realized there was undermining of the road and are making quick repairs,” the press release states.

“When you see a hole in the road, you cannot be sure how extensive the damage may be underneath it,” stated Street Commissioner Patty Johnson. “A heavy piece of equipment traveling on the road could have caused a sinkhole. I’m thankful we caught it before it became bad and can make preventative maintenance.”

The inspection led to road damage occurring three feet deep and running the width of the lane.

Accesses to neighboring subdivisions around the site are still available.

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